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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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minute. taking a look at the weather, traffic early this monday morning the golden gate bridges looking okay visibility is limited. >> we have a nice middle here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check out this form, back into these over next couple of days there's a chance rain in the picture but we have a nice little warm-up at least monday-thursday. details on when you can expect coming up. a live look of westbound 80, up three shore freeway traffic is moving without delay, no promises you made your way through the maze, a complete check on your traffic coming out. james. >> world series everyone is riding high this morning the giants are now one win away from winning their first world series since 1954, the first ever to be brought to san francisco. tim lincecum on the mound tonight in game
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5, last night, did the were the highlights, watch this fly ball diving catch then in the third runner on second, sends one deep lawn. that was a to run home run. first-run run in the post- season, top of the seven, runner on first, here you have to arrest with a shot to deep right-center off the wall that scores at edgar, best of cozy with a deep drive to center field, it is bad, bad, over the wall. homerun on tonight, rangers last chance, tom, raises strike, that is the end of the game, the giants win it for-nothing on what was a true pitching game. >> i keep telling myself as
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just another game. it is the world series, as good as i have seen him just in and out. first couple of innings he might yank the kabala fastballs but after that he was on real. looking back to spring training when you're trying to get those kudlow batts. you can't wait for the season to start your yard. one beam away from getting this thing done. it is pretty crazy to think about. >> even if they get identified in texas you know the parting is great to be happening tonight your at&t part. that's where jackie sissel is this morning. our team of so reporters is getting a more news faster jackie is thereby. >> not yet. i am assuming debt as folks wake up and make their way down here are around at&t part the you will see a lot of black and
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orange. in no baseball and a lot of ways is a sport of numbers at hundred and 62 regular games, 14 playoff games, 52 years and since they're better world series and it all comes down to one #one more win away from the world series retreat the first incidents as the giants' history and tonight is the night, they could get it done obviously this of a couple more chances of they don't get it done tonight by think most giants fans will give up the win at home for one of those world championships they would love to see it tonight of it happens you can bet the corner of third banking will go ballistic. >> + denied they had the big screen like they did in the world cups of the people to watch. so that we find. >> you love to have company
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when they're on the prestigious our world jim bishop. speaker richard retreating last night. i was where it has always turned into desert rocking around radios. people were handled out can and the selling it to zero. >> i was the can give order i just put the radio in the kitchen window so as you walked up the good year this court. we're a community feeling about the game last night thank you jackie. james. >> this people were coming at st. you know the sport. latest on the forecast, really good one. >> the numbers are going up, the temperatures warmer today than yesterday, here's a clear shot this morning of the james lick, downtown san francisco temperatures are into the mid '50s, but, we are pretty chilly as he headed to the north bay still in the 40's. 46
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degrees and your napa, fairfield even livermore is still hanging on to the four as this morning. sadly, reuter-shares high, dry for today all of the rain come across as to the nor does it will stay that way for a good little stretch, it looks like great until thursday we will keep conditions dry as we had to the day to day. still in the '50s in some spots. '50s-'60s and them by noon we bring the '60s and the picture, '70s indicated by the yellow shirring is there will be of use '70s a little more of the osiris trickling back down of the '50s, '60s by the a clock tower, low 70's, is a common member for san francisco. about 74 concord, mid-70s is your head and then to places like livermore, where stars, morgan hill. 60s along the coast from a checked out this nice here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.
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loss for sunshine and warmer temperatures are having is one still has to be the warmest day of the week than a slight chance just a slight chance of rain by friday. erica. >> easy ride around the bay no hotspots tells about, we're in the clear the senate there bridge, traffic is slightly building as we take your way westbound rosters city no promise to report traffic is moving close to limit. starting to see and minimal back up of the toll plaza, dry times are unaffected looking at about 14 minutes to june 1st zero one and the need zero. golden gate is still foggy, traffic is unaffected those headlights heading towards you the entire span is looking pretty good, no promise from marin the ride is completely in the green, novato and the city limits is order 24 manager. every 37 or to these bay clocking in the short, sweet eight minutes. bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty good, officially in the green coming from the every shore freeway westbound 5/80 and
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no. muddied 0 the metering lights are still of no backups whatsoever, very ideal nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as you make your way to fremont. james. >> the latest on a developing story of a san francisco a three year-old girl shot multiple times her in two other victims in the hospital this morning that shooting incident and sisters turturro hill neighborhood the three were shot near the intersection this is video of the scene, police officers are calling the area looking for any clues, any evidence that might lead them in the direction of the person responsible one is a 20 year-old male he received multiple wounds doctors say his wounds are life- threatening. the other victim a 54 year-old male shot once, his wounds not so serious doctors believe he is greek to survive, the final victim was at three year-old girl shot multiple times. ruler and are life
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threatening one because of the severity, to because of her age. police have no information on the suspects really know we find out more >> another developing story crews from the scene of the big fire and then as it, you can see here in the distance year turner san jose camera around, you can see the smoke. it is pretty low of as the fire department is still working on this, this is a thousand block of north bend, the fire started around 2:30 a.m. flames worse shooting to their roots of two buildings on fire fighters got there one building is a bar, the others are cycling center they're still on the scene may now the fire appears to those started near the rear of the buildings, no injuries reported they're still working on this to build buildings and fire. we're going to take a break, will become by the latest on the mail bomb plot. you recall
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the u.s. peace plans that were search. the latest coming up in a minute. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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the latest now on the mail bomb plot. investigators headed to yemen to search for suspects. the white house officials have told ems it has responsibility in responding to terrorist. they yemen has been linked because of the kind of explosive. meanwhile also in response within the last half hour germany suspended all passenger flights to yemen due to it. >> but immigration law
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aimed going to get its day in court today. state and law enforcement what they can do. a three judge panel in san francisco is going to consider errors on a governors' appeal a ruling that put on hold parts of that law. it forces its enforcement officers to check immigration status. it has prompted at organizations to hold a protest against a lot in san francisco at 9:00 a.m. this morning. there will be a rally at the federal courthouse. >> we will take a break more headlines and a moment. last night aubrey huff had highlights of the game will night aubrey huff had highlights of the game will hear from him. truth about not voting or about man didn't tell te how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee.
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she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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pitcher in tool last night into all aubrey huff broke things open in the third. his to run home run in the third inning off of starter tommy hunter got the giants on the border early. it was aubrey huff first postseason home run. >> we haven't really played these guys. that's in the back of your mind you want to hit a home run to put to a head. its producer real right now. we have a lot of work to do tomorrow. it was a big turning the game. to get the lead we can be more aggressive. certainly special for me. >> it was special for our were the pitcher and catcher first time there was are rookie in the series.
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and tim lincecum will be on the mound tonight. >> forecast for today we have some saga out there let's see how cool it is. >> it started off cool especially in the north bay. temperatures in the '40's however as we head into the afternoon of bit of a different picture temperatures warming up nicely today that warming trend will continue heading for the week. still not out of the was slight chance of rain for friday and the weekend. all look as we take it through the day to give you an idea of the time line. inland spots by 10:00 a.m. into the '60s, 70 minute high today topping out into the mid '70s right around the bay we should start off from 61 bring it to the mid-60s. 70 by 4:00 p.m. along the coast into the 60s today but overall a
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bit of a warm-up. 55 san francisco much cooler for sandra kaul. 463 napa, as we take it to the afternoon warming it up and to the low 70's for napa, novato, richmond, downtown san francisco. mid-70s for fairfield, livermore, south bay but for the most part temperatures in the low 70's '60's along the coast. your 70 around the bay continues to highlight the out warming trend for the next couple of days much warmer with a slight chance of rain by the end of the week. >> no hot spots just yet but i am seeing incidents beginning to pop up nothing really slowing down your ride just yet. take a look at those right now you're san mateo bridge ride problems right now traffic moving well in both directions across the span. starting to see a way that the toll plaza on the drive
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time still looking good. 14 minutes across the span. golden gate bridge ride that no problems for years of bound ride headlights moving at the limit coming into san francisco your right through marin county novato to the city let 25 minute trip. over to the maps metering lights are still off it is still looking good from the upper be short freeway. a bit of a back up at the toll plaza we have a new incident just before the tunnel and the s curve that will slow down traffic in the area but still drive times the minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont street san francisco. james. >> let's talk politics 2010 the 37 states will be electing a new governor tomorrow. republicans insist the major gains and net pickup of 12 state houses.
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governorships are in portman share because they have the critical state in implementing the new health- care law. they will also participate in redrawing districts. canada is in california and jerry brown and mike whitman have a full they have nonetheless day before the election. meg whitman campaign had cafe and jerry brown will be in southern california today. the latest field poll released last thursday showed brown with a 49% advantage. in the race for senators barbara boxer will start in southern california well hurt challengers will make three stops round state to pull off one of the upsets in the country. the senator and as the chief executive of h-p is in the closest and
6:22 am
hardest fought senate races in the nation. it shows the boxer has a slight edge. >> the attempts to legalize marijuana is still floundering. just one day before the election this poll shows 49 percent of likely voters opposed prop. 19. 42 percent supported the margin of error is 3%. also struggling prop. 23 it would suspend a greenhouse gas emissions law it has support from 33 percent of likely voters. prop. 25 the one there redos the vote requirement is leading with 48 percent of support. turn to kron 4 for light election night coverage we will broadcast a live from 8:00 p.m. right up until midnight be sure to get the latest from our web site as
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well. >> 622 a m. we will take a break checking on the ride at the james let it looks like a good can use. so far driving at the limit. [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear
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after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs.
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just crossing the wire official sources with the air of mri say the serial numbers in in dubai mail bomb are being traced right now. that goes back to the bomb plot we brought you live friday morning when we have packages on board ups flights. there were described as toner cartridges. some of those components being traced to the source we will let you know where will lead.
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>> looking forpolice are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a party and injured nine people. oakland police say most of the victims were hit in the arms and the legs and that none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening. no one has been arrested. officers responded early sunday morning, and saw several hundred people fleeing sweet's ballroom, where a party called the fright fest was being held. victims ranged in age from 18 to 29, were hit by stray bullets. a man wounded in the back is believed to have been the target. >> cow palace under deep scrutiny after 16 people were hospitalized following are right. this is video of ambulance responding the injuries apparently occurred at a halloween, surged friday night it is unclear what they're hospitalized for or what their conditions are. this is one of the stores we will follow. >> we will be
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all live look at the stock exchange. the opening bell trading just getting underway. futures have been positive most of the morning soulfully a positive start. the numbers just trickling aunt and we will let you know when they started swimming. >> things could not be more positive for the giants they are one win away from the world series title. it will be the first in san francisco tim lincecumtim will start for the giants tonight in game 5. nate with the fly ball to center field josh hamilton on the run he makes the diving catch. runner on second for
6:31 am
aubrey deep to right it stays there for the second home run. it is his first career post season home-run. its of the wall and that scores banker. top of the eighth foster posey with the deep drive to center field back and over the wall. for the solo home run. bottom of the ninth john shelton last chance with the rangers brian wilson gets him with the checks when. the giants to win. >> i can't say enough about what he did tonight 21 year- old boy on stage pitching like that he had it all working. >> i told myself to relax i told myself so much a becomes second nature
6:32 am
appeared in makes it easier for me. >> it's amazing how they can say so,. tim lincecum will be on the mound tonight against cliff leak appeared it's a repeat of one. with lea ande tim lincecum and. people be watching in a big mass at the civic center plaza that is where to go because if they went you will want a beer under a lot of people. >> meant the mayor after the wind said let's get the big screen up. they made the call late last night so they will put together today. that construction will be gongoing on this morning. let's
6:33 am
see the great forecast if the games come back wednesday, thursday it will be beautiful weather. >> we do have rain in the forecast get to that in a few moments will migrate clear shot it is kind of chili it will not krieg 48 degrees. by noon time upper 60s your high today 73. elsewhere temperatures are actually on the cool side as well forties' by 10:00 up to the '60s many in the inland spots we will still hang on to the '50s around the coast. '70s inland spots mid-70s by 4:00 p.m. could get up to 70 around the bay today. your current temperatures still kind of jolly fairfield and the 40's '40's from the coast as well even to the livermore valley as we head into the afternoon bringing
6:34 am
temperatures up to the '70s 74 san rafael novato, richmond san francisco's 75 through livermore also the south bay. for the most part '70s around the bay. look at your 7 day around the bay showing dry along a stretch for monday all the way to thursday friday we could see increased cloud cover and a slight chance of showers that chance continues into the weekend unstable weather ahead of us dipping down into the '60s and the warmer spots better chance of rain on sunday. 6:34 a.m. check on traffic with arafat. >> looking at your route ride out of antioch before lone tree way have a 83 vehicle car crash it has been moved to the center. dipping down there to 9 mi. an hour in the slow response. we remain pretty
6:35 am
slow for your entire ride making at of pittsburgh keeping an eye on that. tracking a few problems that the bay bridge the red beginning to pop off on your screen to stalled vehicles on this ban. metering lights have been turned on so we are seeing a weight on all purchase right on the back up extending up towards the shore freeway right now looking at a drive time of 12 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco no problems for crosstown traffic in bound central you can see traffic moving freely at the 1 01-80 split. you're ride from the split towards them francisco airport clocking in at 17 minutes. public transit looks like board ace train all on time. >> the latest developments kron 4 news crews on the
6:36 am
scene now of all large fire wall was a large for alarm fire this morning at the 1000 block at about 230 this morning. when they got there they saw flames shooting through the roofs of two buildings one was a bar the other was recycling center they got knocked down fairly quickly but they are still on the scene. smoking is still billowing out so they still have hot spots to put out. the fire appears to started in their rear of the building no injuries have been reported. about $2 million worth of damage. >> a three year-old girl along with two others are in the hospital they were shot to in san francisco's protrudes road salt. they were shot near the 25th street and connecticut that is the area here. 20 year- old man multiple guns and shot wounds, they are said to be life-threatening.
6:37 am
another man 55 has one gun shot wound not life- threatening, the final victim of three year-old girl she was shot multiple times her wounds are life threatening because she's only 3 years old. she is in hospital right now very concerned for her. police have no information on the suspects. >> 637 a shot from east bay 80 through albany headlights westbound rate before the march. still moving at the london this morning. we will march. still moving at the london this morning. we will be right back slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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>> ac transit as maid service cuts for the second time this year. ac transit is drop service to broadway terrace and the iran-bart station a could save more than $11 million >> sure office will take over the city of san carlos with the swearing-in ceremony for the former employes today the sheriff's office is taking control of san carlos after the city voted in september to disband its place force. >> we will be back with more a couple minutes to get him going monday morning it looks to be a gorgeous weekend weather. a look here at the golden gate bridge clear right now traffic is building about moving ok we are looking for a beautiful days and warm temperatures as we head through the week.
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the giants won went away from the first world series title since 1954. the first- ever from san francisco the story of the night madison when solid 48 ending striking out six giants' pitching matt came step through to give props. >> he's very mature for his age. i would think people in the stands would not look at him as 21. probably because of obvious. just the way he carries himself. i think that's the biggest thing. >> he is the fifth youngest pitcher to start a world series game. he's he they had at rookie pitcher and catcher for the first time in world series.
6:46 am
>> if you're just leaving now you'll be late for work anyway same as well stick around for gary. it will be nice when this week. >> i wouldn't call it hot just yet but temperatures will warm up from yesterday. a shot at san mateo bridge currently temperatures in the '50s 54 by noontime we should get up to the mid-60s your high today upper 60s in san mateo. back to low 60s by 8. elsewhere chile in the north bay 46 currently in santa rosa 45 turn napa 46 through fairfield and the livermore valley along the coast line as well. 55 in downtown san francisco taking it through the day we are sitting high and dry. all lot of clouds and rain to the north of boston will stay that way for good
6:47 am
stretch. we will stay dry from today until thursday as we take it through the morning cool by 10:00 '50s and '60s expected by noontime widespread '60s than all of this yellow shows us '70s. it will be a tad warmer than it was yesterday quoted down into the 50s-'60s by 8:00 p.m. your highest mid-70s in places like fairfield, conn scored 74 san rafael, los '70s through these days you had for their south 744 mountain view also in to san jose as well. we could actually get back into the 80s over tuesday, wednesday, thursday lots of sunshine and then clouds roll in by the end of the week chance of rain through the weekend. time right now is 647 let's
6:48 am
get to traffic. >> a new hot spot an accident westbound highway 4 aunt of antioch this is the fourth vehicle accident currently blocking a left- hand lane we're ready had a hot spot there a while ago so speed scrolling down to 6 mi. an hour in the slow spots. they're right is slow for a highway for bypass towards pittsburgh. willow placid is in good shape no back up toward a laser on there. another incident the bay bridge we have a stall right before the tunnel. all that red on the screen metering lights have been on for awhile and then back up is towards the 880 over cross. not too much in the way of delays right now but drive time 16 minutes from the foot of the maze to san francisco. if you one avoid the backup takes san mateo bridge. slightly building towards
6:49 am
foster city traffic is still moving at the limit rain now we have had no delays throughout the morning just a small way that the toll plaza drive times 15 minutes from and to lend. public transit butter and you may fall on time. >> the second set of to tower section are a place on top of the bay bridge beard each weighing 600 t were lifted 300 ft. into the air over last week and set into place. three more sections due to be added by september to complete the 525 ft tower. they were worried all the work that was invisible would back things up but so far everything has been fine. >> a developing story man in a wheelchair and who was hit
6:50 am
by a train over the weekend is in critical condition this morning. he fell on the tracks around 3:00 p.m. on saturday. you can see the accident scene. he said he was adjusting the wheelchair when this all happened. police say they found a gun beneath the tracks but they don't know if it was somehow related to this act of >> meant. the death toll from the seeds of a baghdad church has raised to 39 dozen more injured one priest and nine policemen are among the dead. many wounded were women. this is surveillance video we had strike teams out there. they stormed the church yesterday taking 120 people hostage there later freed by special forces who stormed the building.
6:51 am
>> in the nation is a volcano erupted again. this ash coming out of the muslim no immediate reports of death or injury. this is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. it has killed 38 people. these new ructions ash and debris fired hundreds of yards into the air. >> a lot look at at&t parker we have the city of san francisco leaving the world series 3-1 game 5 tonight tim lincecum on the mound. more highlights from last night's game in a minute.
6:52 am
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miles 75 inland low seventies around the bay mid-60's around coast sun shine out there. sunnier and
6:55 am
warmer towards the middle of the week. then we cool it off friday may be a slight chance of showers. but it doesn't last long. saturday, sunday looks good but cooler. we are following the latest in business apple is suing motorola up for infringing on smart phone. the company wants motorola to stop using patents and is going after unspecified damages. say goodbye to pontiac appeared last year gm decided to kill the 84 year-old brand as the company collapsed into bankruptcy. even before that they had fallen from their peak by 2008 sales were down 2 1/4 million in its
6:56 am
heyday pontiac was known for the g t l and the trans am. the big board this morning the dow traded up stocks rising across the board traders are " false. early this morning it showed expansion in china so we will wait to see the latest. trading at 11,000 to 05. s&p is up eight points nasdaq is up 18 check on local stock google trading up 1%, yahoo and oracle trading down. weekend box office. top movies at the box office this weekend saw 3d lgf $22,500,000, paranormal activity 2 $16,500,000. red $10,811,000,jackass 3-d $8,425,000 and rounding up the top five hereafter wb $6,320,000.
6:57 am
the countdown for the space shuttle discovery is under delay after the today delayed gas leaks postpone the launch. the problem has been fixed they are aiming for wednesday liftoff it will travel to this base station on its final trip. this mission will last 11 days and feature two space walks. as we go to break live pictures from the for alarm fire in san was a the latest in a live report coming up.
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659 top stories three down one to go out as the giants


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